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Up! January 16, 2010

Posted by coric in Uncategorized.

Hy, good afternoon, and happy new year! I hope you will succeed in everything you will do this year, and particularly your diploma.

The topic today is up! hey what’s Up??? You don’t see, the movie, the cartoon…

Yeahhh your memory comes back! Up (“La haut” in French) is a Pixar cartoon which released in July 29 of the last year.

Short summary:

This is the story of Carl, a grumpy 78 years old man. One day, he decided to realize the dream of his life: bring his home up to the water falls, in South America. But when the house begin to fly with thousands of balloons, he didn’t expected to embark with Russel, a young explorer of 9 years,  always very enthusiastic and quite invasive…This duo totally unpredictable will live a crazy adventure that will plunge them into a journey beyond imagination…

Oh my god, I haven’t been so affected by a cartoon since the release of Bambi. I almost cried at the beginning, which is for me the saddest part.

And you, have you seen it? What do you think of it?

See you !



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